Winter Computer Backgrounds

I like to personalize my computer backgrounds, but because of how often I use both my work and personal laptops to present to audiences it is important that my “personalization” still be professional.

I use Unsplash to curate collections of beautiful, high-quality, free-for-any-purpose photos.


I download the whole set (one at a time, unfortunately) and set my computer background to change to a new image every 1-2 hours. Typically 40-50 pictures will last a month or two before I get tired of them.

See my Winter Collection here and download for yourself!

This is my post-Christmas selection, so there are no holiday photos: just snowy, icy, beautiful wintry imagery. Also, none of the pictures in my collections have other people in them. Unsplash is a great resource for free commercial stock photography with humans, but I just don’t want strangers on my desktop. This is not much of a DIY, but something simple I do to make my work space (computer) a more beautiful place.


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