Welcome to Life “by the Lowes”

Brandie in a white dress and Barrett in a white shirt and jeans, both grinning

The two of us have been toying with starting a blog or video series for a while, and have even had some encouragement to do so. (Devon, Alicia – looking at you!) One of us (ahem, Brandie) likes writing a lot more than the other, so you may notice my voice and tone a bit more than Barrett’s.

So what are we blogging about? The things we do and create – or as we are calling it, anything that is made by the Lowes. This will include projects from the wood shop, gardening, crafting, homemade bitters, sewing – truly just about anything we make. Some projects are definitely by Barrett (hello wood shop!) and some are by Brandie (sewing, design) but ultimately we are working together to create things in our married life.

We will try to give you the resources to recreate the project by you, but we are not writing DIY tutorials. We don’t plan to be the experts in a particular type of work; we want to demonstrate that with confidence and the right information you can tackle more than you would think. We are striving for fun ideas, brevity, and to inspire you to create. Most of our projects will be current, but we also plan to post about some previous creations we think you will find interesting (the doors at our wedding and handmade humidors are on that list).

If you have feedback, ideas, or questions, please leave a comment or find another way to let us know!

One last note: we want to acknowledge upfront that this blog will include a few affiliate links. This means that if you click those links (e.g., to an item on Amazon) and then make a purchase we may get a small amount of money. We will never use an affiliate link that would end up costing you more money! Using our affiliate links is sort of a nice way for you to say “The Lowes are cool and I would love for them to have a small portion of all the money Amazon already makes from me”… or something like that.

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