The Best BBQ in Texas

Every year, Texas Monthly publishes an updated list of The Top 50 Barbecue Joints in Texas. Now that we live in Texas, we want to visit as many as possible.

We just needed a map to show the way. So we made one!

Red stars are the places in the Top 10; blue grills fill out the rest. We love having this map because we spend plenty of time driving across the miles and miles of Texas and it is sort of helping us plan. There is no way we will be eating at all 50 places in one year. We have only hit a couple so far, and the ones between Fort Worth and El Paso have not lined up with the times we have driven through. But, we will get there!

You can keep tabs on The Lowes’ progress with this map, if you want. We’re off to an admittedly slow start.

Note: TM sort of made a map – it’s a nice design but not functional in terms of getting directions to a place. Also, the magazine is outstanding: I highly recommend a subscription for anyone, especially those living in Texas. The first year is a steal!

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