A Start to Sewing (Simplicity 1318)

I took sewing classes when I was a young girl (9 or 10 years old) with my best friend, Aubree. My grandma was – and still is – a talented seamstress, and I wanted to be able to sew and quilt like her.

I hadn’t sewn in years, but when Grandma asked me what I wanted for a graduate school graduation gift, I told her “my own sewing machine.”

Fast forward two and a half years and the only things I have made a baby blankets, UNTIL NOW! I was at Michael’s and saw that all Simplicity patterns we’re on sale for just 99 cents, so I bought one: an “easy to sew” kimono, pattern #1318. After a couple of phone calls with Grandma to plan, I picked out a fabric. I took it to El Paso for Christmas so we could work on it together.

Brandie and her Grandma looking at pattern and fabric¬†Grandma’s creative brain is lightyears (and, well, literal years) ahead of mine. She opened the pattern and said “oh we’ll just start cutting this and this” and “oh I think you should start with this step” even though it’s not what the pattern said.


Grandma, don’t you know I’m a rule follower?

Unfortunately, we only got halfway through the project during our time together, and I had to finish it on my own. This was so stinking hard. I got frustrated. I almost threw scissors. I cried a little because I cry when I’m frustrated. I said out loud that I could never finish and was giving up. Then, thank goodness, I found a video tutorial that helped me through.

Brittany Jones, if you receive notifications when people post your stuff on the internet, thank you!

There is no part of me that will pretend to offer instruction on this project. However, I may try it again with the following revisions:
  • Flannel fabric for flow
  • Size XS for fit (this is the S)
  • Smaller arm holes, but longer sleeves

If I do this in the next 2 months or so while the project is still in recent memory, I think I can actually pull it off. I do hope to explore more sewing but I know I am going to have to 1) be way more patient, and 2) pick way easier patterns. Any recommendations from anyone out there?

Also: enjoy a laugh at my expense as you look at the finished product. Could I get all of the wrinkles out? No. Is that my wedding dress hanger that the kimono is hanging on? Yes because it’s the only non-plastic hanger I own. Are there any pictures with my face in them? No because I’m not a model.

Brandie wearing kimono against awkward green background

hanging kimono

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  1. Proud of you roommie! Although I think what you are describing in your modifications for your project is a really comfy cardigan…

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