We Needed Pumpkins!

As a newly married couple (sidebar: my mother-in-law and I are wondering at what point we are no longer “newlyweds”. Thoughts?) we do not have very many “decorations”. Especially seasonal ones. The number of ornaments on our Christmas tree just crested into the double digits this year. I’m on a mission to create seasonal decorations at an affordable price – even if it means making them right “after” a season ends with some good ol’ craft store clearance.

Anyway, by mid-October I was desperate to get some pumpkins and orange in the house.

I decided to make these “rustic wood pumpkins” and “Halloween mason jar vases.” I didn’t veer too far from the design suggestions here. We had some scrap 2×4 wood and we just got a rough idea of the lengths, ran it through the table saw, and clamped the wood together with some titebond. I’ll be honest, I did not even sand this down before spray painting.

Learn from my mistake: Spray paint the main pumpkin and the stem separately, let dry, then glue together.

I did a base layer of brown on all three pumpkins, then did orange or white on top. I tried to leave some brown showing through because I knew I would not do any distressing. This was easy to finish off with some twine from our wedding project days!

three wooden pumpkins on a mantle piece

I planned these two projects to use most of the same supplies (*spray paint colors). We had some jars laying around (we always will) as well as the twine and ribbon. The artificial greenery was my “splurge”: I got three small sets from Hobby Lobby, regularly priced at about $4 or 5 each, but all on sale.

Clearly this was a later-blog, but I’m serious about making some decorations after the holiday: now is the time to get your bottom-out, 95% off fall sale items!

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