Re-purposing Wedding Decorations

log slices and glass jars of various sizes, arranged with flowers into a centerpiece on a table

Most of our wedding decor was found or made, especially the centerpieces – we loosely designed them with log slices, glass jars, lace, and votive candles. We saved every salsa jar and can of pasta sauce, soaked them in the sink, used a pan scraper to remove the labels, and finished with Goof Off to remove any residue. This stuff is powerful but also potent. I use a “junk rag” to do the scrubbing and I rinse my hands frequently. Goof Off doubles as nail polish remover so wear gloves if you are protecting your hands!

We saved most of those jars and log slices because I do not like to throw things away – this is proving useful for my developing crafting habits.

I found this idea for a Christmas centerpiece on Pinterest and knew that my store of logs and jars would come in handy. I had recently collected pine cones from New Summerfield and had a box in the closet – off to a very free start. The project turned out to be pretty straight forward:

  1. Acquire scrap wood from Barrett’s shop, glue with clamps, spray paint. Plan ahead: I chose an Amazon box that I knew I could store this piece in, and planned the size around the storage available.
  2. Lay out pieces, trying not to break pine cones. Break a few anyway.
  3. Add ribbon and spray paint to jars for color. For the one with the red bottom, I used masking tape to cover all but that part. Spray painted, left outside in the rain (whoops) and removed tape after about an hour. Glad that worked! I just used hot glue for the ribbon, which I found on sale at JoAnn fabric.
  4. Attempt to remove one item at a time and hot glue in place. Give up, remove most of the pine cones, and just hope for the best gluing one at a time.
  5. Add fake berry stems for color – I did not like how white/gray the inspiration piece was.
Bonus: Find a way to add some balsam fir essential oil to make it smell like Christmas!

Y’all, this project adds much-needed holiday spirit to our dining room table.

brown box 1.5We have very few holiday decorations, and so this was a great way to add to our collection.  I know not everyone has the supplies laying around to make this as inexpensive as it was for me, but you probably have access to more craft materials than you realize. I only bought the ribbon and berries – for a total of $7.50, and I have 14.5 feet of the ribbon left.

I love taking inspiration from my “leftovers”, minimizing waste, and making use of what is around the house. I procrastinated this project long enough that it almost was not part of our winter decorations, but I made it just in time! We’ll probably enjoy this into the new year.

P.S. Wondering when you’ll get a “Barrett” style project? We’re working on it! He built a CNC machine that we’ll be writing about, as well as our hyrdoponic gardening system. Writing is fun for Brandie (who still thinks she is a yearbook editor), and more of a chore for Barrett… we’re working on how to share a variety of projects without making a blog feel like “work” for either of us.

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