Make it, Don’t Buy it: Eggnog

As we pulled into Calloways Nursery to find our perfect Christmas tree, we passed the grocery store, and Barrett had a sudden eggnog craving. Of course we stopped to pick some up and carry the holiday spirit into the kitchen. Unfortunately, that store-bought eggnog was disappointing.

Barrett remembered an eggnog recipe we tried once before (courtesy of Alton Brown). If you know our taste, you know we would pick a bourbon-based recipe! And y’all this eggnog is delicious but you should know one very important thing that we did wrong:

Use super fresh eggs.

Seriously, unless your eggs are < 1 week old, buy new ones.

eggsEven if your older eggs are not bad (how to tell), the older an egg is, the longer it will take to whip the egg whites to a peak. No joke, we spent over 30 minutes doing this. Barrett’s mother laughed when we told her – she immediately knew we must have used old eggs. Rookie mistake.

The recipe provides options for uncooked and cooked eggs. Despite how fearlessly we consume raw cookie dough, we opted to cook the eggs. You will want a good digital thermometer (we like to have a waterproof one for easy cleaning) to check that the egg yolk + milk/cream mixture reaches 160.

Note: The recipe tells you to return that mixture to the stove top to heat to 160. Check the temperature before you pour the mixture back into your pot! Ours was already the right temperature and we saved the effort of pouring back and forth another time.

You can get the recipe from Food Network. If you have made any other Alton Brown recipes, could you let us know? We think he is pretty funny and are considering buying a cookbook!

Photo credit:  Fabrizio Bucella

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