Our Christmas Card

We aspire to have “real” Christmas cards – physical, hand-addressed, and mailed.

Maybe in 2018? For this year, I opted for a classic DIY-in-Photoshop-and-post-on-the-internet option (that’s Design It Yourself, for the record).  Since we are starting this blog, I wanted to share how I tackled the project.

I plan ahead for graphic design projects.

red santa figure on polka dot backgroundThe Hungry JPEG, Creative Market and Craft Bundles all send weekly emails with free commercially licensed design resources. (Be responsible, and adhere to the licenses – creatives need us to honor that.) I download all of the free resources every week. It takes me 10-15 minutes total to download and organize them, but it pays off when I want to create something and not worry about where the material is sourced from in case I end up making a profit. I started with this Santa graphic from a Christmas card elements set on Creative Market (note: while this was free when I got it, there will likely be a cost associated moving forward).

plain polka dot background with words "Merry Christmas"We wanted our own photos – not Santa – to be on the card. I opened the file in Photoshop, grabbed the background color, and painted out the Santa to match the background. Then I used the clone stamp (*slightly advanced but super-useful Photoshop tool) to imitate the polka dots and fill in the blank space. To maximize the space where I would add our photos, I selected the Merry Christmas text and cut/pasted to a new layer so I could move it higher. I over-rely on small margins in both design and text documents!

I added our pictures, sized them, and used embossing and drop shadows to make the images pop. For the added “from the Lowes” text I used a font called Kyle Almonte from The Hungry JPEG – it has already disappeared from their site.

Here’s the final product – Merry Christmas!

five pictures of Brandie and Barrett in Las Vegas, scuba diving, and in Alaska, with their family members
We had so much fun traveling in 2017!

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