A Beautiful Bloody Mary Infusion

Upon graduating from college in May, my brother moved to Fairbanks, AK. What a nut! Naturally, it was too good to resist a visit. Here we are outside of the airport after our arrival at 11:50 pm (back in June). That is the darkest it ever got while we were there!


Other than visiting Denali National Park and seeing the mountain clear from Fairbanks, one of our favorite activities was visiting Hoarfrost Distilling.

Maybe it’s just something in the water up in Alaska, but this was incredible vodka. The distiller was there to give us the tour and pour our tasting. On the menu was a bloody mary infusion made with their vodka, and WOW.

Hoarfrost does not distribute (major disappointment) but my brother brought us home a bottle for Christmas, so now we can finally make our own! Hoarfrost shares their favorite infusion recipes here. We followed it pretty closely for our first batch, but only did about 1/2 the recipe. It turned out nicely but honestly too strong on the lemon. We suggest cutting that back, or maybe even adding lemon only when serving.

Hoarfrost provides a suggestion for how to make a properly mixed bloody mary with the infusion. We find it so delicious that we’d rather serve it straight up!

We aren’t vodka experts so to be honest, I have no idea what bottle to recommend if you want to make this for yourself. Anyone else have a suggestion?

How about you just book a flight to Fairbanks and send it back in your suitcase?

If you do… bring us a bottle!

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