About Us

124_AAP_5969Hi y’all.

We’re Barrett & Brandie Lowe. Barrett has always been a project guy – whether working in the wood shop or contributing to a software project on GitHub. Brandie is more of an “untrained designer” – applying her formative role as yearbook editor to her scrapbooking and desire to make every document and file “pretty.”

Our project efforts combined when we planned our wedding (#HellototheLowes, October 2017) and designed everything – from the invitations to a set of freestanding doors in a field – ourselves. As a married couple, we still have distinct interests (and skills). For example, Barrett sheds a tear every time Brandie suggests painting something that is made of wood. But we both refuse to acknowledge “knotty pine” as a high-quality craftsperson’s product.

You’ll find an assortment of “he made”, “she made”, and “we made” projects on this site. Thanks for stopping by!